イタリアブランドの『Henry Beguelin(エンリーベグリン)』に代表されるように、「流行にこだわる」より「本物にこだわる」をモットーに、ヨーロッパやアメリカの服飾雑貨商品を日本市場に紹介している会社です。無名でありながらも私たちが信じた商品を、自信を持って日本に紹介する。その思いを大切にしながらまだ見ぬ商品との出会いを探求しています。

Ketchap Co., Ltd. was established as an affiliated company of Hooray Smile Co., Ltd.
Like an outstanding Italian brand "Henry Beguelin", we introduce the garment accessories merchandise to Japan from Europe and U.S.A. upon our motto, "real" rather than "fashion". Merchandise we carry might be unknown, we however believe they are worthwhile for us to introduce to Japan with our confidence. With those thinking, we keep seeking a change to encounter merchandise we have yet to.
We named "Ketchap Co., Ltd." in our hope everybody enjoys our merchandise simply as a part of his life and our company will be loved by people all over the world. Our merchandise wants to be simple and modest, but known by everybody, and will be key items around you. Ketchap Co., Ltd. hopes to deliver the concepts and secrets of our merchandise to everybody.